Gears & Luggage



  • Carry waterproof backpack for day hikes.
  • Avoid trolleys and heavy suitcases.

Toiletry and Medical Supplies

  • Moisturisers, lip balm
    Pain relievers-Moov, Volini spray/balm.
  • Camphor (helps in breathing at high altitudes)
  • Analgesics, Aspirin, Advil or Tylenol – for headaches etc.prescribed by your doctor along with your regular medications.
  • Insect repellent, antiseptic cream
  • Re-hydration salts (oral)- 6-8 sachets/Gatorade type electrolyte.
  • Iodine based water purification tablets
  • Start taking Diamox when you reach Manali (by consulting a physician)

Clothing and Footwear

  • 2 Denims  & 4 T-shirts (should suffice)
  • GUM-BOOT is MUST. (since you will have number of water drains and streams to cross) Buy a pair of Gum-boot at Manali.(Approx Rs.450)
  • Good quality shoes for trekking and walking
  • Carry Slippers.
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Carry proper woollen clothes.
  • You will need layers of clothes in the cold and airy weather of Ladakh.
    However, in the months of August & early September, you will NOT need much woollens.
  • Sometimes there are unexpected showers of rain/snow. Therefore you will need Raincoats or Umbrellas.


Electronic Devices

  • Helmet mounted (Go-pro) Camera can give you some beautiful snaps.
  • A good quality Mobile Phone Camera will ensure you capture the scenic and magnificent views throughout your journey.
  • SLR or Professional Camera is not advisable in bike tour unless you have a pillion rider. You can carry a digital camera.
  • Memory cards of a considerable size are advised.
  • Carry fully charged batteries and chargers along, as the batteries tend to lose their charge quickly at higher altitudes.


  • Wide brim hat/cap/scarf
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Lightweight gloves/mittens
  • Small Hand towel
  • Multi-tool knife
  • Large plastic bags(for keeping items dry inside trek bag)

Oxygen Cylinder

  • Carry small, portable Oxygen cylinders (5-6) which last for a few minutes.
    These are easily available at known chemists in Metro cities.
    Oxygen cylinder costs approximately Rs 400. Carry beforehand as you might not find them in Manali due to their
    being out of stock.

Bike Spares:

  • Spark Plugs ,
  • Clutch Cables ,
  • Accelerator Cables ,
  • Front Brake Cables,
  • Spare Tube – Front & Rear,
  • Duplicate sets of Keys ,
  • Tool Kit,
  • Petrol Pipe,
  • Spare Fuses ,
  • Insulation Tape ,
  • Gear & Clutch Yoke lever ,
  • Chain lock ,
  • Check the condition of your tyres and get them replaced if worn out.


Hand And Leg Guards
Hand And Leg Guards
Modular or Flip-up helmet
Modular or Flip-up helmet
hand gloves
hand gloves
Waist Pouch
Waist Pouch
uv protection goggles
UV Ray Goggles


Rain Coat
Rain Coat


IMG_20160711_133155 - Copy
Riding Jacket

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    1. Well, I will say, Gum-Boot is “Must”. No any of the high-quality riding shoes can give protection from flowing water. It’s very practical to go for a Gum-Boot.

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